How to Think

How are we supposed to know what is right? We have societies views of what life should be like. We have our parents ideas of what we should live like and what kind of world is out there waiting for us. We have teachers trying to impact our futures through what they think life should be like. We have all this external information coming at us about how we are supposed to live, but when is it our own turn to think for ourselves, to create, imagine and live through our own eyes with our own wants and desires. College is a start to our journey I suppose- one foot in, one foot out kind of ordeal-where we are “babysat” in living quarters and being fed information but now it was our own choice to stay and continue to learn. 

Each person’s morals are all skewed towards their own likeness and bias-rightly so since it is their own conscience that they are dealing with. Their motives for doing such actions seem justified to them but to the outside world, it seems like the farthest thing from the norm. Walking down the street there is a fight between two gentlemen. A lot of yelling and fists are being thrown but there isn’t a lot of context to the why this happened. To most, it seems silly to be fighting and brutalizing each other for a victorious winner, but to them, it could be a settling an argument that couldn’t have waited. Some wild circumstances could have created a lot of unrest within one’s life and it may seem that there are only a limited amount of options to take.

An interview was with myself, it is only fair. Taking ideas from Plato and connecting it to my own.

So then how are we supposed to figure out what is right within this world? As I have gotten older I have begun to question things that seemed to be normal. I didn’t like how some of the things that people were so easy to roll over on sat with me. For example, it seemed weird to me how so many people went to church and praised a figure that didn’t exist in the now. All these people praying but what was going to hear them. It seemed like another vice in a way to cope with daily life. Instead of solving it or enduring the pain, one escapes to a church and asks for begs for help and understanding- just the same as someone running to their home to drown themselves within a bottle, just a much much healthier alternative. It seemed so far from the truth or the actuality of what was happening and people just saw it as normal. A change in awareness, actually caring about how your life might turn out can alter one’s thinking just enough to create new branches of thought that weren’t there before. The ideas for what is right is different for everyone since we each possess a slightly altered moral compass. These beliefs are no more than just trial and error for learning life lessons about oneself through each new venture. 

How to live a flourishing life according to Plato and Aristotle

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